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Within the digital space, innovation is no longer a priority, it is the priority. Businesses that cannot innovate effectively struggle to retain

consumers and remain competitive in the marketplace. 


That’s why Kendra Williams founded Innovate Marketing, a digital marketing and eCommerce consulting firm dedicated to helping companies—in consumer packaged goods (CPG) and other industries—develop and execute retail, eCommerce, and omnichannel strategies. Whether your target is selling on your own website or on retailer sites, Innovate Marketing will develop a customized solution for your company's unique needs. 


With over 20 years of experience in both brick and mortar and eCommerce, we help businesses bridge the gap between a traditional retail presence and an online presence. Innovate Marketing specializes in all internet retailers including,,,,,, Doctors Foster and Smith,,, and

Kendra Williams
Founder and Principal

I am a firm believer in pursuing your passion. I am passionate about helping others succeed. Which is why my mission is to empower and connect businesses with their customers, wherever they shop, so that they can grow their brands to greater levels.


After helping large corporations from Spectrum Brands to Heinz create and implement revenue-increasing and customer-building strategies for over two decades, I’ve shifted my focus to applying these methodologies to help small and mid-sized businesses thrive. I work with clients to bridge the gap between their products and their consumers. While my areas of expertise range widely from global marketing to executing AMS strategies within the Amazon ecosystem, my ability to deliver results does not falter.


Because eCommerce is global, working with an individual that has experience leading global rollouts of digital marketing strategy is crucial. I am proud to say that I have experience doing so within all major global markets. I’ve also studied the international marketing space extensively, earning an MBA degree focused on International Marketing and Business.


I carry this same drive to help others in my personal life as well. I spend my free time working with organizations like Give Clean Water, a charity that works to provide clean drinking water to the residents of Fiji, and Amor Ministries, a nonprofit that builds houses for homeless families in Mexico.


Living an innovative, charitable, and purposeful life is something that I will continuously strive for. My goal is to embody these values through my work in the marketing space by helping companies embrace the digital age and leverage the power of innovation.



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